What is the difference between Religious Education, Catechesis, and Formation?


There are many differences:

Religious Education

(Program formerly termed “CCD” or the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine)
•    Diocesan Parish Religious Education Policies & Texts (www.rcdok.org)
 •    USCCB Documents (www.usccb.org)
 •    NABCA Focus (www.NABCA.org)
      (Burmese Catholic Culture)
 •    State School Age Levels and Methods of Teaching and Learning

      (K-12 and Adults)

(Head Knowledge, Understanding)
•    Basic Doctrine/Morals/4 Pillars
 •    Scripture/Oral Tradition
 •    NCCL Best Practices (www.nccl.org)
 •    Age and readiness appropriate
 •    Catechist Formation & Certification; Volunteers

(Heart and Relational)
 •    Prayer – personal, communal, liturgical, musical, family-centered
 •    Moral – developmental and Christ-centered relationships
 •    Conversion of heart and deepening dependence on God
 •    Integrated cultural knowledge, understanding, and openness
 •    Stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure, Service opportunities
 •    Witnesses and Evangelizers to share the Good News


Why does everyone register and attend Sunday morning classes?


God established the family:
•    the basic (most important) seed-ground for children to learn and live

      fully, spiritually, sacramentally
 •    the family group may look different on the surface  
 •    the family is real people, with real needs, and want real faith in God together, no matter

       what the differences
 •    the Catholic-Christian family wants to grow in their love for God, for one another, and in

       service of others.

The family home is the “domestic Church.”

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